Dear Fellow Members of St. John,

The Vision Committee of St. John is conducting this survey to help us in developing a long term growth plan for the church. Each congregants input is essential in assisting in this processes.

The goals of this process is the following:

1) Understand the Congregation's Needs & Wishes

2) Consider Budget Constraints

3) Look at all Staffing Possibilities (Called, Non­Called, Lay Leadership)

4) Develop a Staffing Plan to Support the Needs and Wishes of our Congregation

5) Look at Facilities usage, needs, etc.

6) Understanding Our Core Values and Strengths.

Each Section begins with a Header that includes some important information, please take a moment to read these headers before answering the survey questions. We thank you for taking this survey and giving your valuable input! If you have any questions on the Survey you can talk to Pastor Yaw, anyone on the Church Council or the Vision Committee.

**** Disclaimer: Please note that the Church Council and Call Committee, with God’s help, will do their best to fulfill all the wishes of the Congregation but due to constraints, not every desire of the Congregation will be able to be met.

Church Council

· Rick Cricks              President

· Keith Kohn             Vice President

· Kevin Pevonka       Treasurer

· Mike Stone             Head Elder

· Elise Batzer            Bd. of Education

· Emily Jones            Bd. of Evangelism

· KC Nelson              Bd. of Property

Vision Committee Members

· Jeff Barnes

· Judy Hanstedt

· Paul Hilbert

· Aaron Jones

· Collin Klipstine
(youth representation)

· Lindsey Winn

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