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Welcome to St. John’s confirmation program!

We’re thrilled to offer it; but you may be wondering what it is. And what it isn’t. And what you have to do in it, and for it.

Confirmation is… designed to strengthen the relationship between students and their Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. With God’s help, it’s a partnership between parents, their children, and our church. Confirmation is a pastoral & educational ministry of the church that helps the baptized child through Word & Sacrament to identify more deeply with the Christian community and participate more fully in its mission. It’s a journey…. ultimately students will
re-affirm the promises made when they were baptized, along the way they will learn what that means and publically confessing his/her faith and received into communicant membership by the congregation.

St. John Lutheran has confirmation classes spread over 3 years. While these classes are generally taught during the middle school years (grades 6 - 8).

However, youth may begin taking the classes when both the youth and parents, as well as the pastor believe all are ready to begin growing more deeply in their faith.

Year One of Confirmation: will focus on having a better understanding of God’s salvation plan as found in and through the stories from both the Old & New Testament.

Year Two & Three of Confirmation: concentrates on owning, using, and sharing the faith. Hopefully, the experience of confirmation will permeate our students entire lives today and tomorrow.

Confirmation is not… a sacrament. Confirmation is not a way to gain forgiveness or a method of gaining passage into heaven. Confirmation is not, or shouldn’t be in anyway, a “to-do” item to simply check off a list. Confirmation is not something the student goes through alone.

Here at St. John, the entire congregation is encouraged to get involved by praying for the Confirmands. Confirmation includes a team of pastors, lay leaders, parents, students, and various other church members  who come together for the benefit of faith.

Interested in confirmation?
That's great - the first thing you need to do is attend worship with us at St. John. Then after you have worshipped with us a couple of times, continue doing that, but also check with the Pastor to learn about enrolling in our confirmation program.


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Confirmation Schedule 2020 -2021

WEEK 1: Sunday, Sept. 13th

Does God Exist? How do we know?

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WEEK 2: Sunday, Sept. 20th

The Creeds and Confessions Answer Who is Jesus?

WEEK 3: Sunday, Sept. 27th

What is Worship?

WEEK 4: Sunday, Oct. 4th

Intro. to the Commandments & 
The 1st Commandment

WEEK 5: Sunday, Oct. 11th

2nd & 3rd Commandments