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Giving at St. John Lutherannull

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Online Giving is a safe and easy way to support the ministries of St. John Lutheran Church. 

This system enables you to support the church by making a one time contribution or establishing a recurring contribution.

St. John is excited to offer the option of online giving. Many of our members and regular contributors have been asking for this option as a matter of convenience. 

  • You can give a one-time gift or a recurring amount by deducting funds from your checking or savings account.
  • You will be able to allocate your gifts to any Hope campus and to general funds or building funds.

Would you find it helpful to have your offerings debited directly from your bank account or credit card as you probably do with other obligations? 

St. John Lutheran Church is proud to be able to offer online giving for those who wish to have contributions transferred electronically to the church's account. 

The Online giving site is run by Concordia Publishing House (CHP) e-Giving. 

The features and enhancements that e-Giving offers will allow our members and donors to manage the following tasks themselves: 

  • Set up personalized giving schedules¬†
  • Make one-time donations¬†
  • Change the dollar amount on an existing donation plan.¬†
  • Change the account used to make donations¬†
  • Change the frequency of donations¬†

Online giving allows you to make contributions from your savings/checking account, credit or debit card. With on-line giving, you control when the contribution is processed and for how much. You can make a single contribution, or set your contribution up to recur on a weekly or monthly basis; if you travel, this is particularly helpful in keeping up with your intended offerings. 

This is an environmentally-friendly way to contribute, as there is no need to write a check and bring it or mail it to the church. 

St. John hopes that online giving makes it easier for God's people to support us in our ministries here in Pulaski, the surrounding community, and around the world. 


  • Increases offering up to 30%
  • Provides a simple & easy way to give¬†
  • Minimizes seasonal donation slumps¬†
  • Tithe even when they‚Äôre unable to attend¬†

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