Logistics to Returning to Worship

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Information on returning to worship:

I know this is a long read – but it is full of important information.
Logistics to Returning to Worship

Worshiping in Smaller Group
Even if the WI Supreme Court has overturn mandate, we would be wise to start with small numbers, 
and slowly work our way back to normalcy of being fully open.

  • 10 people per room; working our way up to from there. (i.e. 25 to 50 to 75 to 100+)
  • We will be using proper social distancing to maintain the safety and health of our members.
  • Utilize the following areas of the building:                                              
    1. Sanctuary
    2. Fellowship Hall
    3. Nursery (has closed circuit tv)                Limiting the number of people to allow social distancing or limiting to a larger family.
    4. Toddler Room (has closed circuit tv)     Limiting the number of people to allow social distancing or limiting to a larger family.
    5. Youth Room / Overlook                           Limiting the number of people to allow social distancing or limiting to a larger family.

Set days & times of services
With limiting the numbers in attendance, we will need to increase the number of services. The number of services will change as the numbers allow go up. Services would be spaced out by 1½ hour & shortened to about 45 minutes; allowing for cleaning in between and lessen the contact between members.

We will start with the following schedule:          
Sundays at:          9:00 am               10:30 am
Thursdays at:      7:00 pm

If needed, we can add additional service times: 
 Sundays at:        7:30 am               12:00 pm
Thursdays at:     6:00 pm 

On-line services / Drive-In Service
These services will continue to record and post the services online and offered as an alternative way to worship during the COVID-19 pandemic

Hand washing & Sanitizing
We are asking all members to practice good hygiene by utilizing the hand stations you find around the church. Please sanitize your hands when you enter the church and before communion. Also make sure to you’re your hands with soap and warm water after using the restroom.

Hymnals Use / order of Worship
Hymnals will be unavailable for the time being, instead the service will be projected. Bulletins will be for single service use only, please either take them home with you or dispose of them right after service. 

Advance Sign Up
Members will need to sign-up online ahead of time by going to: stjohnpulaskiwi.org and click on the sign-up for worship button on the home page. When signing up, you will select the number (quantity) of seats you will need for yourself and family.

Communion Will be Offered
Smaller Tables, instead of 20 per table limit to 10 or less, depending on the family units. 
The communion vessels will be sanitized between families & tables.

Cleaning between services
The various places in the building we had people will be cleansed between services by volunteers. 
Volunteers will be given gloves, a mask, eye protection, and cleaning supplies.
If you would like to help with the cleaning/ sanitizing, please contact Pastor Yaw. 


Sign up for special social distancing services at the church here.
Space is Limited: 

If you find the space has filled and you were unable to sign up, 
please let us know by contacting the church office 
so we can accommodate by adding additional services.